26 May 2021

Getting Smart with Social Media

With smart technology advancing at a rapid rate, there are more opportunities than ever for installers to expand their business by advising customers on the latest heating controls for the connected home. But how do you maximise these opportunities by boosting your profile to potential customers? Here are five practical steps for installers to become social savvy.

1) Get up to speed

In this online age, you might think that most companies are making the most of social media, However, research shows that only half of small businesses currently have a social media presence.

This means that thousands of small businesses are not making use of the potential benefits that social media has to offer. Investing the time to develop and maintain a social media strategy for your business – whatever its size - can have a game-changing effect on the number of customers you bring in and the size of the audience your business is reaching.

What’s more, the largest networks – like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – are all free to join. There are lots of useful resources online, including advice from the government, that give tips on how to get started.

2) Become active

The next step is to build your followers by starting conversations and sharing quality content. Look to engage with local people and influencers in your area of specialism. Find, follow and engage with them by retweeting and repost their content.

One way to raise your profile online is to use videos and posts to promote your installation skills. For example, you can share completed installations by uploading images of the project and offer tips on good practice.

Also, make sure you get involved in local community chat groups on Facebook or other forums to make yourself known to potential customers.

3) Follow suit

If you’re struggling to think of content to post, turn to the Honeywell Home profiles[HH1]  for inspiration. We often post top tips, fun facts, and other pieces of interest that you can look to replicate on your own channel. We’re always happy to help, so if you’re unsure of what to post or just need some help thinking of ideas, send us a direct message and we can point you in the right direction. Also, if you share pictures and/or videos of your installations, we’ll choose our favourites and share them on our page, showcasing your work to many more followers.

4) Be targeted

Since Facebook changed its algorithm (the formula it uses to decide what appears on the news feed) it’s hard to get your posts seen if you don’t have at least a small budget. The good thing about Facebook advertising is its ability to reach your exact audience - you can advertise to people by age, interests, behaviour, and location. Also, it is generally cheaper than other forms of advertising and you can set limits on how much you want to spend each week or month.

Another advantage is that it can have immediate results, driving traffic to your website and increasing the number of job leads you receive.  Results are also measurable - you will be able to see exactly how much bang you’ve had for your buck.

5) Promote products

The products you choose to recommend and fit affect your reputation. Fitting high quality products that have all the features customers want, and will last a long time, will only benefit you as an installer. So, dedicate some posts to promoting their best features, such as the fact the T6 series is compatible with smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. We can provide you with imagery to help communicate the message.

6) Encourage feedback

Clients want to know that the installer they choose has the experience, expertise and reliability to get the job done effectively. Sharing your best customer reviews via social is a fantastic way to build confidence and trust with your audience.

Positive comments, photos and videos are all worth sharing with your followers. Focus on the benefits to the customer – the review should be useful to your audience. However, too much self-promotion can turn audiences off, so be careful not to spam followers. When used sparingly, reviews are an excellent way to increase your sales leads.