18 Jun 2021

Programmable Thermostats - 5 Things You Should be Telling Your Customers

There’s much more than meets the eye with today’s programmable thermostats.

The latest technology has gone into making modern home controls simple to use and more efficient than ever before. Here are five key features you should be telling your customers about.

1. The clue is in the name

With modern programmable thermostats, it’s all about (you’ve guessed it) programming. It is important to explain that these devices are not designed to be on/off, they will always be working, matching the time to a temperature requirement that best suits your customer’s lifestyle.

Customers who have never had a programmable thermostat before may be surprised when the boiler fires at different times of the day than they are used to, such as during the night. That’s why it’s crucial to explain that the boiler will operate every time the temperature drops below the desired set point and that this is usually the most efficient way of heating the home.

There are some simple workarounds you can use if your customer really does not want their boiler to operate during a certain period. For example, we recommend that you set the temperature to 5°C during the night time to prevent the boiler from firing but remember this will not provide complete frost protection in extreme temperatures.

2. Set a suitable programme  

For customers who want to achieve the maximum benefit from their heating controls, it is vital that they set the programme correctly. It is possible to set a different time and temperature plan for each of seven days or the same plan for every day so it suits the comings and goings in the home.

A good tip is to use a temperature planner template available from Honeywell. Taking time to think about when a household needs heat during different times of the day will focus minds and save money in the long run. 

3. Minimal interaction

Many of the most frequently asked questions we receive are due to a misunderstanding as to how the thermostat operates. That’s why it is important for customers to understand that they can get as involved in the control of their heating as they want.

For users who don’t want to customise their heating controls, Honeywell thermostats come pre-programmed with a set of suggested temperature profiles. However, it’s good for users to be aware of the temperatures involved. For example, the overnight period is set to 16°C and if the temperature drops below this level the heating will come on.

4. Realise energy savings

Modern programmable thermostats such as Honeywell’s T4 Series are designed to deliver energy efficiency with minimal user-interaction. The T4 is packed full of automatic smart, intelligent features that will ensure homeowners automatically get the full benefit of inbuilt energy efficiency measures.

Automated modulation control with TPI or OpenTherm improves energy efficiency by enabling the boiler to run at lower flow temperatures for longer periods. What’s more, optimum stop, start and delayed stop features learn how the room is heated, reducing user effort and improving heating efficiency.

5. Let it work its magic

Modern heating controls ensure that heating is provided at the right temperature and at the right time. Whether a customer wants to get hands-on with their programming or not, the thermostat will always be working, matching the time to a temperature requirement.