T3 Series thermostats

Designed for a variety of scenarios, including social housing, new constructions and mass installations, the T3 Series thermostat is the first choice for heating professionals.

The T3 Series simple to install and with Intuitive heating time and temperature control, it’s ideal for your customers too.

Honeywell Home T3 Series


The T3 Series is designed to make your life easier. A simple snap-on installation saves huge amounts of time and effort, especially during mass installations.

  • The wireless version comes with a robust RF wireless signal, along with a built-in signal check.
  • For the wired version, it’s just a case of installing a wall plate and connecting the thermostat. Quickly set it up for the customer and you’re done.
  • Both versions offer an intuitive installation sequence so you can easily select pre-programmed schedules and cycle rate options for different boiler types.
  • All thermostats can be locked to prevent unnecessary customer interactions. Upper and lower set points ensure extreme temperatures cannot be set.

T3 Series product training

Learn all there is to know about the T3 series, including installation, set up and configuration.

How-to videos

Installing the Honeywell Home T3 series programmable thermostat

T3 Series product support

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